The Way's Curl & Scalp Care System

The Way's Curl & Scalp Care System is birthed as an answer to the frustration of not having a complete wavy, curly or coily care system that takes a holistic approach to scalp and hair care.

By a holistic approach, we mean a system that looks beyond temporary curl definition and isn't primarily focused on product recommendations but on a Hair Care system that offers:

  • Consistent Scalp and Haircare Guides

  • Meets long and short-term hair goals

  • A personalised approach based on individual hair and scalp characteristics

  • Education about ingredients, products, tools 

  • Proper care and styling techniques

  • Incorporates potent plant-based ingredients

That results in a definition of Wavy, Curly, and Coily Hair due to healthy hair and scalp care.

The Ways Curl & Scalp Care system is built around the properties and needs of The scalp and Hair to maintain a healthy equilibrium!

About The Way

At the heart of Haarlem,  Sandra & Betty (mother and daughter) of The Way Haarlem Curls & Coils specialise in the care of all Wavy, Coily and Curly hair types.


Our approach is based on supported by science and years of experience in hair and scalp care. All our services from cutting and colour, relaxer and treatments to styling are uncompromisingly designed to respect hair's elasticity, porosity and protein-moisture balance.

The Way's "Curl & Coil Care Method" is our philosophy for a systematic and holistic approach to the long-term scalp and curl care regimens. This method contains the essence of textured hair care:
Cleanse - Repair - Nourish/Moisturize - Style/Define - Preserve Curls.

Our ambition is to help you create a hair care regime that is simplistic yet highly effective, with a harmony of products, tools and techniques tailored to your unique set of curly or coily hair. Whether you choose to wear your curls natural, chemically processed or in protective styles, we seek the least damaging way to create your signature look.

Find in our salon and on our webpage a selected range of high-performing, nutrient-rich and curl-defining products for curly and coily hair.

We look forward to helping you understand and love your frizz-free, hydrated, wavy, coily and curly textured hair.


To experience our personalised approach to curly and coily hair care Book your appointment here!

                          Sandra & Betty Koomen

Effective Wavy, Curly, Coily hair & Scalp care supported by science and based on healthy ingredients.